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Nutritional Coaching

Verus Life's Nutritional Coaching Will Get You

How many diets are there? Can they even be counted? Low Fat Diet! Low Carb Diet! Low Calorie Diet! Don’t eat at all Diet!

Train 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week! Do Cardio for 10 hours a day!

The fitness industry has made millions and millions of dollars giving you all the reasons why you should be doing the above.

The reality is, however, a 3-word disclaimer that lands more like a curse: “results may vary.” Not very reassuring is it?

We at Verus Life have a few little secrets to tell you. Secrets that will allow you to throw away the above rubbish, and achieve the results you desire.



…so STOP using 4-letter words!!! Well, take a break from using one, anyway: “diet”. For the time being, let go of the “I have to do it perfectly” mentality and delete “diet” from your vocabulary. Or at least put it on pause. Don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time to say it again. Heck, you can even download it, burn it to a cd & put it on repeat if that’s what you’re into. I know, I know. It’s everywhere you look, it’s “reality,” that’s “what it is.” The truth is the word “diet” itself can make you not want to “diet” at all…so for the sake of progress, I say we delete it all together. I want to make this clear right from the start: Obtaining a great body requires very health eating habits, but here’s the reality: you don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time. That’s right! At Verus we teach you how you can actually have 2-4 meals a week of your choice and still get an A on your nutrition report card.

Where you store your body fat tells us a lot about what type of nutrition program will yield the best results.

Low-carb, high-carb, Atkins diet, Paleo diet—they all seem to work for certain people, but can be disastrous for others. Where you store your body fat tells me everything about the type of nutrition program that’s best for you. How do we do this? By doing a 12-site measuring system known as the “BioSiganture Method.” At Verus Life we put a lot of emphasis on your transformation—and not just on looking good. We teach you exciting (yes, exciting!) ways to eat! You learn cool, inventive twists to eating out and eating in! We teach our clients about the full range of possibilities in their cooking, to support a positive, gorgeous, healthy lifestyle…not just a temporary quick-fix diet that you only stick to for 14 days.

Exercise alone is not nearly enough to have a great body. 

This is actually backed up by our good friends at the University Of Texas, Austin who did a ground breaking study. This study demonstrated that a solid exercise program, without any change in diet, results in little more than one pound of fat loss per month. In other words, simply exercising is not enough to make dramatic changes to your physique. At Verus our clients are losing DOUBLE and TRIPLE that amount of fat each month! I don’t think you heard me, so I’m gonna go ahead and say that again:

At Verus our clients are losing DOUBLE and TRIPLE the amount of fat each month!

Nope, I’m not tooting my own horn…that’s our clients’ horns I’m tooting! The results are so awesome I think I’ll just go ahead and lean on the horn and let it honk for a while!!!

Yes: YOU can have those results, too! Our Planning will show you how. Combining our training & nutrition lifestyle changes……. the changes in your body are nothing short of dramatic.

Yes, of course we have nutritious, delicious meal plans and give you excellent recipes that fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Did you know that by using one of the remarkable techniques we discovered, while eating any meal you choose, you can reduce your calories by 20,000 in a year? Let me go ahead and just lean on that horn again:

You can reduce your calories by 20,000 in a year!!!

Come work with us and learn how great this sensational technique works!

Do we think nutrition should be simple? Yes. Do we think nutrition is simple? No, but that’s why you have Verus Life as your expert Nutrition coach! 

How do we keep the complicated simple? By shrinking the change. Getting you to make Small behavioral changes (also known as “kaizen”).

Ever tried to write 4 term papers in the same day? Ever try to get an oil change, a smog check, go to the dentist, the DMV, and the grocery store, in between the hours of 1pm and 5pm? How’d that work out for ya? Doesn’t really work, does it? Doing entirely too much within a seriously short period of time is frustrating! Likewise, developing lifelong habits can be difficult if you try to do too much at once. At Verus Life we support you in making small changes every few weeks, and before you know it, you’re eating like a new person…naturally.

Remember, we work with entertainers, athletes, dancers, and people with careers in fashion. These clients eat in some of the finest restaurants in the world and they travel often. So why do they look AND feel so phenomenal? Why are they so ecstatic about their results with how great their bodies feel and look all the time? Because we teach them some accessible, doable, result-yielding techniques. We give them knowledge on how they personally can eat anywhere in the world, at any restaurant, event or night out.

Why in the world would we help you achieve a strong, healthy, balanced, beautiful body that looks great in a black dress, skinny jeans, or a bikini, if you cant go out and enjoy it for the long-term?

Yes, we support you learning how to combine your new nutrition with a great lifestyle – you can HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO.

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